"It's like a fart in an elevator"

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

Some people love Marmite, a pungent yeast extract. It's been around for over a hundred years, and they wouldn't keep manufacturing it if no one was buying it. Or, rather, if the only people buying it were making videos like this for food websites. There aren't enough of us out there. There have to be people in the UK who, on an average Sunday, swing by the grocery store, pick up a jar of Marmite, then drive home and spread the stuff on toast with butter. Keep in mind that these people may or may not be eating it exclusively when they're drunk. As Phillip Mlynar writes in his story about Marmite, "When I lived in London, I don't remember an alcohol-fueled night out that didn't end by snacking on a slice of toasted white bread slathered in butter and topped with luxurious swathes of Marmite."

Other people think it tastes like death, sober or not. Yeasty, tangy death. Death by being run over by a monster truck, so the last thing you taste before you die is a dirty tire. If after you tried Marmite someone told you it was made from melting down old tires, you might believe them.

This brings us to the video you're about to watch. Extra Crispy's video producer, Alex Tepper, came into possession of a jar of Marmite and wanted to shoot the staff tasting it in slow mo. Not knowing what's best for themselves, the staff obliged. Everyone took a spoonful of this rubber fart goo to the face so Alex could stitch together this video. One editor liked it. The rest were sad. So, please enjoy, and before you eat Marmite just to say you've tried some, remember the pained faces of these poor, black-toothed souls.

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