Their new product is for adults who were overserved

Credit: Bounce/Getty Images

Where were you when you learned that Pedialyte was a hangover cure, not just a thing you drank after getting the stomach flu as a kid? For me, it was after a night in college when I had ill-advisedly attempted to "chase" bad vodka with raspberry sorbet. A friend of a friend had a bottle of Pedialyte in their room, and while I thought it was a weird, it totally helped. It's been widespread knowledge among those who are, um, over-served that getting some of those precious electrolytes back in your body can help you feel less like a broken mess the day after one too many jungle juice mimosas.

But Pedialyte packaging hasn't really acknowledged this alternate market for their product. That is until now: They just rolled out Pedialyte Sparkling Rush powder packets. These are basically little portable Pedialytes that you can keep in your bag and dump into a glass of water when you feel like your head is full of angry bees and you are on the actual precipice of death. The idea is that it helps with dehydration, which is one of the major things that make up a hangover. It comes in cherry or grape, and is a convenient way to alleviate your intense drinking regrets. As The Takeout points out, it is already backordered on Amazon because people know.

Pick some up now if you can find it and take extra precaution for New Year's Day. Thanks, Pedialyte, for knowing just what the dirtbags who love you want for Christmas.