Pats fan? There's a charge for that

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Philadelphia Coffee Shop Charges $5,200 to Customer Wearing Patriots Gear
Credit: Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Philadelphians have a reputation for letting the boo birds (and beers) fly when they come into contact with anyone rooting against their beloved Eagles. That’s certainly ratcheted up a few notches in the run-up to Super Bowl LII, where the bird gang will face off against the New England Patriots. Things have gotten so intense that one Philadelphia coffee shop came up with a Super Bowl-related surcharge for one unlucky Pats fan.

On Thursday, a happy-go-lucky Patriots fan known only as Sal dropped by The Coffee Station in the Philly suburb of Morton for lunch decked out in his team’s gear. After an otherwise pleasant meal, the Coffee Station’s staff presented him with a check that included a $5,200 “Patriots Fan” upcharge. With tax, that raised his otherwise reasonable lunch to $5635.05, equal to 0.04% of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 2017 salary.

Consider this just the latest chapter in the annual procession of civic rivalries between Super Bowl cities. A Philadelphia donut shop already banned Boston cream until after the big game, and at least one Boston bakery is banning Philadelphia cream cheese. It’s rare, however, that an individual fan stuck behind enemy lines has to bear the brunt of these barbs.

Thankfully, Sal won’t have to dump any tea into the harbor over this tax. A photo on Coffee Station’s Facebook page of a smiling Sal posing with the check suggests that owners John and Barb Paciotti didn’t really expect him to settle up. They did make him suffer through a rousing rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly” performed by everyone in the restaurant, however, which sounds like its own form of punishment (why an Eagle would “fly” on a “road to victory” is beyond me).

On the other side of the aisle, Coffee Station says anyone wearing Eagles gear is entitled to a 15% discount running through kickoff on Sunday. As for Sal, the Paciottis offered him free breakfast on Monday morning—if the Eagles win and he swallows his pride by showing up in their apparel. Maybe a Legarrette Blount or Chris Long jersey—two ex-Pats now on the Eagles roster—would be a decent compromise. I may be a bit biased (I love you, Touchdown Tom), but with the Patriots currently 4.5 point favorites, I don’t think Sal has much to worry about.