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We're 100 percent onboard with this decision

Mike Pomranz
February 20, 2018

Easter is still over a month away, but it’s never too early to start stocking up on Peeps. And for 2018, Just Born—the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based confectionary company that’s also behind Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, and the oft-maligned Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews—is offering up what may be its most audacious Peeps flavor yet: Pancakes & Syrup.

Yes, if what’s been holding you back from shoving Peeps in your mouth in the morning has simply been that the flavor didn’t quite match the time of day, Peeps Pancakes & Syrup are the perfect breakfast version of the sugary treat. Just Born doesn’t shy away from straight up suggesting that that’s the case. “Whether you enjoy them for breakfast or as a special treat any time of the day, Peeps Pancakes & Syrup flavored marshmallow chicks are a delicious, one-of-a-kind taste sensation that you won't want to miss,” the official Peeps website states. Hey, give them credit for not beating around the bush.

Though Pancakes & Syrup might be the only Peeps variety recommended to go with your morning eggs and coffee, it’s just one of a long list of Peeps flavors. Currently, you can also find Sour Watermelon, Party Cake, Sour Cherry, Cotton Candy, and Fruit Punch as well as three mystery flavors, not to even mention the “Delights” line of Peeps which include a bunch of different flavors that have also been dipped in either white or dark fudge.

But back to the Pancakes & Syrup variety. Peeps fans interested in giving this new flavor a try will have to head to Kroger, which scooped up exclusive opportunity to sell the latest Peeps. According to Moneyish, they’re retailing for $1.25 for a 10-pack. “A trend that is on the rise is maple, and taking fun flavors like this and extending it beyond the traditional breakfast or baking category and into the candy aisle is fun for us and our fans,” Caitlin Servian, Peeps Brand manager, told the site. “We look at research for flavors that are spiking in consumer interest, and simply look at what our fans are asking for. We typically introduce a new flavor exclusively through a national retail store to test it with fans and when it is received well we launch it nationally the following year.”

So what do they taste like? “While they smell vaguely like #pancakes and #syrup... they mostly tastes like #peeps with a hint of maple,” one Instagrammer wrote. Though, for the record, Moneyish also says that Peeps Pancakes & Syrup doesn’t contain any actual maple, though to be fair, the name doesn’t state that it does.

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