The best of both worlds: breakfast edition
pancake breakfast taco
Credit: Photo by LauriPatterson via Getty Images

Much as I love to chomp into a classic breakfast taco (flour tortilla and plenty of pickled radishes, please) in the morning, it can be just as satisfying to go to town on a stack of pancakes. Pancake breakfast tacos allow for the best of both worlds: breakfast edition. Trading a flour or corn tortilla for a fluffy pancake base, pancake breakfast tacos start with creamy scrambled eggs and caramelized onions. Then comes the meat: crumbled candied bacon and breakfast chorizo are salty and spicy and sweet all at once, making that slightly tingly feeling in the back of your jaw. So instead of making another baked egg dish this weekend, set up a DIY pancake breakfast taco bar and let the masses—even if that’s just you and that one friend who you can handle being around in the mornings—get to work.

Make a batch of plain pancake batter (from scratch or mix). Fry the pancakes in about 6-inch rounds and place finished cakes on a baking sheet. Pop the baking sheet into a 250ºF oven to keep the pancakes warm.

In a large pan foaming with 1 tablespoon butter, sauté 1 large thinly sliced white onion with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, make a big batch of scrambled eggs (figure 2-3 eggs per person), and several strips of candied bacon. Break up about 6 ounces breakfast chorizo, squeezed from casings if need be, into a pan and cook until the meat is brown. Crumble the candied bacon into bits.

Set up a taco station: place the sautéed vegetables, scrambled eggs, and cooked breakfast meats in bowls along with and shredded jack or cheddar cheese.

Pull the warm pancakes out of the oven and assemble breakfast tacos with a little bit of each filling, and top with a drizzle of maple syrup.

Looking for a sweeter (and really, not at all taco-ish) version? Spread the inside of the pancakes with Greek yogurt and a bit of jam, then pile in chopped or macerated fruit, and top with a bit of fresh mint.