Pampelonne's new drink is more like a negroni spritzer than a true negroni, but that won't stop you from enjoying it

By Margaret Eby
Updated April 20, 2018
Credit: Courtesy Pampelonne

In New York City, we keep crossing our fingers for those days when the temperature will be above 60 degrees and we can swap out the wool beanie for a straw hat. It's getting there, allegedly, but I've already started to transition my after-work cocktail into spring territory. Which means that I'm moving away from toddies and stouts and into the wonderful land of chilled white wine and negronis, no matter what the actual temperature is doing. Not all that coincidentally, Pampelonne, the brand that sells mixed wine cocktails in slim, Instagram-friendly cans, recently launched three new flavors: Watermelon Americano, Black Cherry Bicicletta, and Negroni Sbagliato.

I immediately gravitated to the last one of that series. I've been pleased with all of Pampelonne's offerings—I'm particularly fond of their canned French 75—but this canned Negroni might knock it out of the top spot. You should know, going in, that it's not the same thing that you would get if you went into a bar and ordered a Negroni, that classic cocktail made of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. For one, it's far less alcoholic, at 6% ABV, and a lot lighter, calorically, at 120 calories per can.

It's not as bitter as a traditional Negroni, but it's also not too sweet, a common problem with canned cocktails. It's refreshing and pleasingly bubbly, with a hint of blood orange and bitters. It's delicious. Like, perhaps too delicious. I could easily see myself having a reckless number of these in an outdoors setting. They're $16.99 for pack of four, which is just right for the beach. Proceed at your own peril.