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They're not just for spices

Margaret Eby
Updated: February 07, 2018
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It took me an embarrassingly long time to invest in a spice rack. At my first New York apartment, fresh out of college, I set upon a strategy of keeping spices in magnetic jars stuck to the fridge, which was kind of cool, and definitely space saving, but ultimately too much maintenance for 22-year-old me. The jars of chile flakes and turmeric would fuse closed, and only open in a puff of spicy petulance, coating my kitchen in the powder that I had only hoped to add to chickpeas. Several apartments later, I still hadn't settled on an obvious spice organization system. Counter space was too precious for one of those lazy susan-style organizers, and shoving the tiny jars into the back of the cabinet worked well enough, I guessed.

My current apartment is decently spacious for a one-bedroom in Brooklyn (it has closets!) but the trade-off for the living room and foyer being able to fit more than two people at a time is that the kitchen is a wee little nook, with minimal cabinet space. I used on expander in the cabinet that looked like a wide, very small step stool, which theoretically would allow me to see all the tiny jars and bottles hidden on the shelf. In fact, it collapsed, leaving everything in a jumble. So at some point, fed up with having to take out everything on a shelf to reach the garlic powder or cumin or cayenne, I frustratedly ordered a wall-mounted spice rack from Amazon. 

Friends, I am never going back. This may seem ludicrously obvious, but having your spices in one place, where you can see that no, you do not need to buy another sifter of cumin, saved me stress and headaches and overpurchasing. I got another spice rack and used it to organized my nail polish. You could get a slightly larger one for cans, or condiment bottles. A quick Pinterest search indicates that you can even make one for your exact specifications. Maybe it's a hot sauce collection! Maybe it's for your hundreds of bottles of airplane-sized vodka! No judgement, and no more hunting through your cabinets! Spice racks for all!


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