They're one of her favorite things
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EC: Oprah Really Loves These English Muffins
Credit: Photo by Meredith Turits

Once a year, Oprah graces us all with her list of favorite things. On these lists, you’ll find all of the Oprah-approved items you need for hosting loved ones, dressing for comfort, and indulging in a bit of self-care. On the 2016 list of Oprah’s Favorite Things you’ll also find a few of Oprah’s favorite indulgent breakfasts: There’s a trio of grits in glass jars packed in a rustic crate, a $70 barrel-aged maple syrup gift set, homemade biscuits and honey, and, best of all, Model Bakery English Muffins. Oprah loves these English muffins. The accompanying text reads, “I don’t have to tell you all how much I love bread. These English muffins are my current carb of choice: crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and scrumptious all over—especially when slathered with the amazing Clif Family preserves that are included. Full disclosure: I took a few bags home from the shoot!”

I believe you, Oprah! But if that doesn’t convince you, dear reader, that Oprah really loves these English muffins, there’s video proof. In “behind-the-scenes” footage of the list selection process we see Oprah rejoice at coming upon the English muffins, admonish a member of her staff for improperly toasting the English muffins (“Do you know what toast… it looks like it’s brown around the edges, and it’s crispy?” she explains to the man who clearly did not know much about toast), and finally delight in a perfectly toasted English muffin from Napa's Model Bakery.

She loves them, see?

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Watch also how delighted staff member Bridget is as she hands Oprah a tray of perfectly toasted English muffins. She’s so happy Oprah is happy!

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I have eaten these English muffins and, let me tell you, Oprah’s enthusiasm—and everyone’s enthusiasm for Oprah’s enthusiasm—is 100 percent warranted. No matter what happens this Tuesday, I believe that we can all share in the joy that is these Oprah-English muffin gifs.