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For the record: cows

Sammy Nickalls
June 30, 2017

Say 'silk' eight times fast. Now what do cows drink? This mind-teaser may lead you to blurt out "milk," but you probably know that cows drink water, and that milk comes from cows. However, new research finds that a lot of kids don't know that. In fact, they know pretty much nothing about cows, and even if it's problematic, it's a little bit adorable. New research from Cadbury Daily Milk Buttons found that approximately a third of kids in London don't know that milk comes from cows, and about one in five thinks it just comes straight from the store or the fridge. Meanwhile, one in 10 think cows are massive--the size of a double decker bus. Even more think they're as small as cats, and one in 8 London kids have no idea that cows moo. 

Sure, it's super cute to think that some kids believe cows are cat-sized, but it does suggest that some kids may not have had the opportunity to learn about this basic aspect of life. That's why Cadbury created an eight-foot, mooing animatronic cow named Buttons to take on the streets of London. The Mirror reports that while the cow was controlled by robotics, it also had two puppeteers inside the body of the cow, and it took 20 prop specialists over 500 hours to make; the puppeteers studied cow movement for 300 hours to make Buttons as realistic as possible.


Buttons was a part of Cadbury’s “Adopt a Cow” campaign, which gives families the opportunity to adopt a cow. Said Phil Warfield, Senior Brand Manager for Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, in a statement: 

“We’re really proud to be able to give families the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals through our ‘Adopt a Cow’ program and offer the chance to come face to face with some of our very special Cadbury cows. Cows are incredibly important to us – after all, they provide us with the glass and a half of fresh British and Irish milk that goes into our delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons and we hope to excite and inspire people across the country to adopt a cow.”


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