Burger King promotes its app with a deal targeting their biggest rival

Tim Nelon
December 05, 2018

McDonald’s and Burger King have always been bitter rivals in the cutthroat world of fast food. The ubiquity of social media has seen a bunch of try-hard brands (looking at you, Wendy’s) taking shots at their burger rivals to score earned media impressions. But with a new ordering app at their disposal, Burger King is taking their beef into the real world—and giving trolls a chance to score some cheap eats in the process.

For a limited time, users of the Burger King app can get their hands on a Whopper for $0.01. The only catch is that you have to order Burger King’s signature offering “at” (within 600 feet of) a McDonald’s. They’re calling it the “Whopper Detour,” an effort they hope will get mobile orderers to make the switch from McDonald’s, whose app launched in 2017.

“If a guest is inside one of these geofenced areas and has the new BK App on their device, the app will unlock the Whopper sandwich for a penny promotion," a BK press release explains. "Once the 1¢ Whopper sandwich order is placed, the user will be 'detoured' away from McDonald's, as the app navigates them to the nearest Burger King restaurant for pick up."

To introduce the promotion, Burger King released a video in which drive-thru customers pester underpaid McDonald’s employees in search of a Whopper. Towards the end, one McDonald’s worker even provides directions to the nearest Burger King in the hopes that it will get the offending troll to simply go away.

So if you want to take advantage of a good deal while sticking it to McDonald’s, you have until December 12th. It’s a bold strategy that hinges on a lot of people suddenly deciding they enjoy Whoppers, but it’ll probably drive a bunch of app downloads regardless. One thing is for sure, though: whoever’s in charge of running the Wendy’s Twitter account is already hard at work figuring out a way to troll one of its competitors even harder.  

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