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That's sure what it sounds like

Tim Nelson
Updated: August 07, 2018

Olive Garden is a magical place. The soup, salad, and breadsticks are unlimited; the pasta bowls never-ending. The only problem is that its bounteous gifts of mass-market Italian food couldn’t really be worn on your face unless you insisted on looking like a slob. Until now, that is.

That’s because Olive Garden took to social media to tease the (potential) release of a branded makeup palette, sure to make your skin glow like the moon when it hits your eye like a big pizza pie. Among the alleged offerings would be Breadstick Bronzer, Marinara Rouge, and Fierce Fettuccine, perfect for transforming any skin tone into something your nonna will love.

Before you throw away all of your makeup, it’s worth noting that this thing isn’t real. It’s just a bit of social media content, offered up in the same joking vein as the company’s idea for a “breadstick subscription box”. And given that you can’t get cylinders of carbohydrates delivered to your door, you shouldn’t hold your breath on buying into the Olive Garden makeup concept yet.

But maybe it might be. The post caught the attention of makeup artist Jeffree Star, who asked if the cosmetic line was real and was only told by Olive Garden that “it needs to be”. Given Star’s audience of two million Twitter followers, that could be a ready-made market for Spaghetti Sparkle. When The Daily Meal tried to reach Olive Garden for comment, they only received a cryptic “Talk soon…” in reply.

So is it going to happen? Who knows. But if Olive Garden can pull off a line of cosmetics that also happens to smell like pasta, you can bet that it’s going to turn some heads. For now, at least we’ve still got the pizza bowl.  

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