The law is coming after the food festival scammers

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Credit: Photo by ECummings00 via Getty Images

Another day, another tale of people paying a high price for a fancy experience and getting scammed. First it was the Fyre Festival In April—the company behind the failed fest is being sued after attendees paid major cash for a luxury island party that ended in fiasco—and now NYC pizza-lovers are saying they’ve been equally scammed. Huge crowds showed up to Brooklyn for the New York City Pizza Fest on Saturday, some paying $75 for the experience, only to be served mini pieces of cold pizza and improperly chilled wine that “tasted like ass,” according to one attendee’s Facebook comment. Unfortunately for the event’s organizers, the state Attorney General is looking into the matter.

The event was marketed as a fun, pizza-filled day in Bushwick, but not only was wine served that apparently tasted like a butt, the pizza slices served were reportedly very small and the event took place in a “shady parking lot.” After attendees complained and the story of the fest went viral, New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is requesting that disgruntled attendees submit complaints via his website, Time reports. If the pizza festival finds itself in the same levels of hot water that Fyre is in, major legal headaches can be expected.

According to Grub Street, Fyre Media, the company behind Fyre Festival, has been placed in bankruptcy and is facing at least one state and six federal lawsuits, Varietyreports, in addition to at least four lawsuits filed by individuals. But the pizza fest’s organizer, Ishmael Osekre, who came under fire last year for a largely failed African Food Fest in NYC, says he’s not to blame. Osekre tells Grub Street that the flop is to blame on late pizza deliveries, a delay caused by a company who says they weren’t involved, and the fact that the fest had to share a lot with a simultaneous burger festival. But the Attorney General’s office will ultimately be the judge of that.