Just dunk your head in this thing
Credit: Photo courtesy of Costco


Good news everyone, Costco is once again catering to your Nutella needs. Instagrammer @costcoguy4u spotted the 6.6-pound tubs on a recent Costco run. Given the state of things, we couldn't be more grateful.

We’re about one week into the new year, which means you’ve no doubt been hitting the gym, cutting out sugar, and subsisting on a diet of steamed broccoli. Well, it’s time to give up on all of those resolutions you were going to abandon before February anyway and make a beeline to your nearest Costco.

Why? Because Costco’s bountiful array of bulk items apparently now includes a 6.6-pound bucket of Nutella. That’s three times bigger than the next largest Nutella portion currently being sold by the world’s second-largest retailer, and probably enough to fill a small kiddie pool to the brim with delicious, decadent chocolate hazelnut spread.

With a retail price of $21.99, the Nutella bucket (which can be delivered to you for an additional $3.00) packs a lot of value. That breaks down to a unit price of $3.33 per pound, which is a slightly better buy than the next biggest unit of Nutella sold by Costco and definitely more value than you’d get with your single standard-sized jar in a plain old grocery store.

The math isn’t as pretty when you start to think of that big, beautiful bucket in terms of nutrition facts, though. According to Nutella’s nutrition label, one serving is two tablespoons, equal to 37 grams. There are just under 2,994 grams in a 6.6-pound bucket, which amounts to 80.9 servings. That adds up to 16183 calories, 3.75 pounds of sugar and 1.94 pounds of fat.

Clearly, buying a vat of Nutella large enough to qualify as a checked bag isn’t the path to better nutrition in 2019, but who cares? Knowing you’ll always have enough chocolatey hazelnut on hand to sweeten up your mornings is infinitely more valuable than your health anyways. Spread it on.