5 portable, nut-ritious and delicious nut and seed butters to have on your person

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Credit: Photo by @justins via Instagram

There are moments between breakfast and lunch—call it brunch, second breakfast, elevenses, whatever—when you find your stomach grumbling, but it’s not quite time to stop for a meal. I used to shove a handful of pretzels in my mouth and hope for the best, but I’ve lately been reaching for a more filling (and, bonus points, nutritious) alternative: to-go packets of nut butter. Little containers of nut butter are small enough that I can fit five in my work bag and be set for the week; whereas carrying around a full jar of almond butter in my purse is something I try very hard not to do anymore, because it was getting really heavy.

Packets of nut butter are a game changer for so many reasons. While many natural nut butters should be kept in the fridge after opening, individually packaged ones are perfectly fine to live in a desk at work, gym bag, or car’s glove compartment. I can get them through airport security (and therefore make that airport instant oatmeal much more enjoyable) and take them on a hike. Plus, as someone who has been known to accidentally eat half a jar of nut butter in one sitting and then feel very sick for the rest of the day, I also appreciate the tablespoon-or-two serving size of the to-go packets.

To-go packets of nut and seed butter are just waiting to be ripped open and smeared on crackers or rice cakes, squeezed like toothpaste onto an apple, or, if you’re me and have no shame, sucked directly from the pack.

Here are my current favorite versions of nut and seed butter to-go:

Sunflower seed butter: SunButter On the Go Single Cups
Superb on rice cakes, bananas, cinnamon raisin bagels

Tahini: Soom Tahini Squeeze Packs
Wondrous on babka (or another sweet bread or pastry), yogurt, breakfast salads

Almond butter: Justin’s Maple Almond Butter 1.15 ounce squeeze pack (also, their chocolate hazelnut butter is basically fancy Nutella)

Excellent on multigrain or sourdough toast, oatmeal, a spoon

Peanut butter: Jif To Go Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
Perfect on apples, Oreos, banana bread

Coconut butter: Artisana Organics Coconut Butter
Ideal for crackers, fruit salad, blending into matcha lattes or smoothies