Thank you, Instacart

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Now You Can Shop at Costco Without a Membership—Here's How
Credit: Photo via Getty Images

A visit to Costco Wholesale means at least two things: you need to buy something in bulk, and also that you have a Costco membership. Since it opened, Costco has been a membership-only store, but now a new hack can save you the cost of a membership, and allow you to shop at Costco without a membership. A Costco membership runs $60 per year, and since not everyone has that kind of dough laying around and/ or only occasionally needs a 2 gallon barrel of pickles, the non-membership shopping option could be just the ticket for the occasional bulk shopper.

Though shopping in-person at Costco locations will still require a membership, Instacart, a same-day grocery delivery service is now partnering with Costco. Instacart customers who are not Costco members will still be able to shop for Costco items, and have them delivered right to their door by Instacart. Cosmopolitan reports that the availability of specific Costco items will depend on location, so anyone who uses this option should check in advance before they need an emergency order of 20 boxes of Cheerios (or something like that).

Many states already have access to Costco goods through Instacart, according to the Instacart websites. Some of the states where you can order products sold at Costco are Arizona, California, and Connecticut, but be sure to check and see if this is available where you live.

While the shopping experience will be Costco membership-free, Instacart still charges a delivery fee, and customers should of course tip their delivery person. It may not end up being that much cheaper in the end if ordering from Costco become a regular habit, but if you know you’re just going to need stuff for a homemade group brunch or dinner party, Instacart could be a saving grace.