Ice-drip cold brew in a few hours with Dripo
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EC: Now You Can Make Your Own Cold Brew on the Go
Credit: Photo by via Getty Images

Cold brew, unlike your typical pot of coffee, is a beverage often relegated to the coffee shop. It’s not something that you can whip up at home on a casual weekend morning. Making your own cold brew requires advanced planning, many hours, and a significant amount of fridge space, and who among us has both extra hours and space on hand? Luckily for cold brew obsessives sick of coughing up $4 for the stuff every day, a new gizmo from Emerge Lab allows you to make your own cold brew in less than three hours, using only as much fridge space as a carton of milk.

Dripo is a three-part ice-drip cold brew coffee maker. It stands about a 16 inches high, and is comprised of three stacked compartments. The upper compartment holds 12 ounces of ice water, while the second compartment contains 1.5 ounces of ground coffee. The ice water filters through the coffee grounds into the bottom compartment drip by drip over the course of a few hours. When the compartment is full, it doubles as a tumbler you can drink out of.

When you make your own cold brew with the Dripo, you're actually using an ice-drip cold brewing method that is more like Japanese- or Dutch-style cold brew than the full-immersion cold brew you'll find at Dunkin' or your local coffee shop. This brewing style uses four-foot-tall contraptions to pass water from tank to coffee grounds to cup, but the taste is just as refined as the cold brew you're used to. Some experts say the slow-drip version is actually more aromatic and has more nuanced flavors than full-immersion cold brew.

Following a Kickstarter campaign, the Dripo is now available on Amazon for $29.95. It'll nearly pay for itself after a week of forgoing coffee shop cold brew. Now, you can pop the Dripo in the fridge at the office in the a.m., and have homemade cold brew in time for an afternoon pick-me-up. Get ready to be the envy of all your caffeine-addicted coworkers.