Take a hit from the Bripe
EC: Now You Can Freebase Coffee with This Coffee Pipe
Credit: Photo courtesy of Bripe

Some stimulants come with cooler paraphernalia than others. Take for example the Bripe, a freebase coffee pipe that allows you to look like an upscale crackhead while enjoying freshly pulled espresso on the go. If you've envied your crack-smoking friends for their use of butane torches, potheads for their excellent glassware, or cokeheads for their amazing cocaine accessories, your ship has come in. The Bripe is an ultralight, all-copper coffeemaker that combines huge flames and awesome-looking metal devices that pull some mean espresso shots. Plus, it makes drinking coffee look way more illicit than it actually is (since it's not illicit at all).

But as cool as the Bripe looks, its mechanics are even cooler. All you need to do to start Bripin' is fill the copper chamber with coffee grinds and water. Oh and then take a blowtorch to the bad boy to get its temperature up to 185 degrees. Drop in a filter to help get a good, even extraction (while also keeping grinds from getting in your mouth), and then take a drag when your coffee cools a bit.

Tim Panek, the brains behind Bripe, devised this coffee contraption after spending days trekking through the woods in Costa Rica, where he calls home. Panek loves a good cup of coffee, but found that most brewing kits were too complicated and required too much fuss. This led him to create a simple, straightforward method for making a quick espresso shot on the go. And just like any good one-hitter, his coffee pipe is straightforward, discreet, and easy to use. Even if it totally looks like you're taking a hit or two, rather than making some coffee on the go.

Given that 2016 was the year of the portable coffee maker, it's only natural that the latest entry into the mobile coffee game takes this budding industry in a new direction. That direction, of course, is creating tiny cups of coffee that look like pipes.