Jordan Andino, chef and owner of Manhattan’s 2nd City in the West Village, pays homage to his Californian childhood and Filipino heritage by selling kickass breakfast burritos. His cleverly named Plan B-Rito is a hit among hungover New Yorkers. “I knew that this burrito had my heart,” says Andino, who spent 20 years eating this exact burrito every morning and going so far to deem it his "childhood love." What sets this breakfast burrito recipe apart from all the others? The regulars like ham, bacon, egg, cheese, hash browns, avocado, and salsa make an appearance, but it’s longganisa, a Filipino breakfast sausage traditionally made from ground pork, that stars in this breakfast burrito. You can find longganisa at your local Asian or specialty market.Plan B-Rito

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Recipe Summary

15 mins
1 burrito


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Instructions Checklist
  • Cook bacon in a nonstick pan over medium-high heat until crispy.

  • Warm longganisa, ham, and hash brown in a skillet over medium heat. Once cooked through, remove from the pan and place onto a plate.

  • Return the same nonstick pan to the stove and bring the temperature to high heat. Add olive oil, cook the egg sunny side up and break the yolk slightly with a fork. Without flipping, top the egg with shredded cheese and cook for two minutes or until melted. Remove the egg from heat. 

  • Place cooked bacon, longganisa, ham, hash browns, egg, avocado, and hot sauce in the center of a flour tortilla.

  • Fold the burrito. Pinch the sides, taking the the bottom half and roll towards the other half while keeping all food tucked in the center of the tortilla. Roll tight, cut in half, and serve.