Put down your phone and watch the match
This Machine Will Print Live Tweets on Beer Foam So Drinkers Can Pay Attention to the World Cup
Credit: Courtesy of Åkestam Holst

As more and more people turn to their smartphones for interaction with the world, and as our smartphones provide more and more ways to do so, it's easy to miss real-life moments as they pass us by. How many times have you gone to a concert only to be stuck behind the jerk holding their phone up the entire show? Or how often have you been fiddling with the filters in Instagram while you miss the finale of the actual sunset you just snapped a photo of? And that's nothing to say for the insatiable urge we have to check our Twitter and Facebook notifications every waking second. This year, one Swedish beer company has its own solution to avoiding small-screen distractions during the most Tweeted about event in the world: the FIFA World Cup.

Norrlands Guld, a lager-style beer named for Sweden's sparsely-populated northern region, is known for its humorous, folksy attitude in its advertisements. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which began this week, the brand is promoting its living-in-the-moment mentality with a way to keep you up to date on Twitter feed while allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket, enjoy your beer, and watch the match on TV. According to Adweek, Norrlands Guld has launched a series of machines throughout bars in Sweden that will print actual live Tweets about the World Cup right onto the foam floating atop a draft beer. The idea is to aid drinkers in enjoying the World Cup with fellow fans and keeping their eyes on the sporting event, lest they miss seeing a pertinent penalty kick or game-changing goal.

Watch the ad for "The Social Beer" (in Swedish) here:

Of course, as one might expect this day in age, printing messages on beer foam is nothing new. Last St. Patrick's Day, a Maryland company debuted the Beer Ripples machine, a take on latte art that prints drinkable messages on your brew.

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