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The beer brand is making a push in the UK

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

When it comes to cracking open a cold one, some people want or need that cold one to be free of alcohol. While nowhere near as popular as their methanol-boosted sibling, regular beer, non-alcoholic beer still has a market, and it’s about to see more brews thanks to Budweiser. Budweiser started selling non-alcoholic beer in Canada last year, and will now begin selling it in the United Kingdom as well. Hard to imagine this product going over particularly well in a nation known for its Ps and Qs, but Budweiser is capitalizing on a trend of non-alcoholic beer consumption in the UK.

According to Delish, non-alcoholic beer sales have actually gone up in the UK in recent years, evidently leading Bud, which brands itself as the most American of beers, to find another niche to fill overseas. The company’s non-alcoholic beer is called Prohibition Brew, and is prepared the same way as Budweiser’s regular old alcoholic beer, but in this case, the alcohol is removed at the end of the process.

Globally, non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beers make up for only a very small amount of overall beer sales. According to Beverage Daily, less than one percent (just .6) of global beer sales are non-alcoholic, and low-alcohol beers account for just 2.2 percent. For the most part, non-alcoholic beer drinkers are those who abstain from alcohol for religious reasons, or because they want to enjoy a beer without the detrimental health impacts alcohol can have.

So it’s not as if Budweiser is sitting on a gold mine with Prohibition Brew. But given that the market is growing at least in the UK, perhaps some more people will now be able to enjoy cracking open cold ones with their buddies.

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