EC: No One Loves Bacon Like This Girl Loves Bacon
Credit: Photo by daoleduc via Getty Images

You might have been under the impression that you loved bacon. But you don't love bacon like Jameira Posadas loves bacon. In fact, I don't think anyone loves bacon the way she does. Maybe not even our Bacon Critic. Even he's not on the level of kissing, hugging, and whispering sweet nothings to a package of Tyson bacon. This type of love is not one that appears on long, leisurely weekend mornings, only to be dissolved come Monday morning when you eschew your weekend decadence and return to stoic bowls of oatmeal. Her love is not a passing fad, seen only through vignettes of public affection during brunch. No. Little Jameira's love for bacon goes much deeper than that.

This little girl loves bacon so much that she's not even prepared to eat it. In the video, Jameira says, "Yay, you're not gonna get cooked! You're not gonna get cooked!" In her arms, it appears that the package of bacon's fate will include copious hugs, kisses, and tender embraces. No hot frying pans, no discarded grease. No shared space with avocado, toast, or eggs. Just the two of them, building castles in the sky. Or, in this case, the grocery store parking lot.

Jameira's father, Marl Posadas, says that his daughter's reaction to bacon is nothing new. "Every time she sees bacon, she always says something about the bacon," he said. And when she leaves the store with this package of porcine goodness, she calls it her best friend in between giving it copious smooches.

But the unanswered question remains. What about bacon does Jameira love? Is it the packaging? Possibly. After all, bacon packaging really makes the product sparkle, as the fatty portions of the meat are only visible through a tiny window in the back. And the unique packaging design of bacon does more than just minimize the unhealthy parts of the meat; it also conveys a unique sensory experience that is as much tactile as it is visually stunning. Who among us hasn't run our fingers over the ridges on a packet of bacon with glee? No way I'm the only one. But even if I were alone in this, I feel like Jameira's on the same page. And considering she's bacon's number one superfan, I wouldn't mind being in her company on this one.