Politicos from the top pork-producing state cry out for meat
EC: No Bacon at DNC Breakfasts Angers Iowa Delegates
Credit: Photo by Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Where’s the bacon? That’s what Iowa Democrats in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention wanted to know at a state delegation breakfast this morning, according to USA Today. Tired of the eggs, fruit, bagels, and pastries on offer at the downtown Marriott, at least one representative from the nation’s leading pork-producing state, pro-Bernie Sanders delegate Lucas Haffner, demanded party leadership explain why there was no bacon on the menu.

“We’re from Iowa and we don’t get meat? How is that supposed to be?” Haffner said.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Andy McGuire, like other party heads facing protests from progressives this week, offered her sympathy, but in the end, made a case for pragmatism. She said she, too, loves bacon, but that ultimately, the extra $700 on the party’s daily tab was too high a price to pay for the morning luxury in a high-stakes political climate where every dollar counts.

“That’s [the cost of] a mailing. That might be a candidate that throws them over the top and we might get another candidate in the House or the Senate, or we might get another congressman. I can’t spend that money on bacon,” McGuire told USA Today. “So when you don’t have bacon, just think, ‘I’m going to get another person elected.’”

Alternate delegate James Marren said he understood McGuire’s reasoning, but he pointed out that other states had wider, and meatier, breakfast selections to offer their delegates, many of whom had to cough up between $4,000 and $8,000 to fund their own trips to Philadelphia for the convention.

Marren’s right. Reports show that state delegations from at least two other states, New Jersey and Delaware, had bacon with their breakfasts this week. Now, those are meals we can believe in.