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Just a casual afternoon promotional concert at a Tampa Starbucks

Mike Pomranz
February 07, 2018

Stars... they’re just like us. They drop into Starbucks to grab an afternoon coffee, then sit down with a guitar to play a couple tunes and give out free gift cards as part of a joint promotion for Starbucks’ Give Good campaign and “world's most advanced coffee mug” brand Ember. OK, maybe only Nick Jonas does that other part. Sadly, you haven’t been asked to team up for a joint promotion in a long time.

The acoustic-set-in-a-coffeehouse thing has been a cliché long before The Jonas Brothers were even born, but that didn’t stop the youngest and most successful solo-artist brother, Nick, from swinging by a Tampa-area Starbucks this past Saturday to spread some holiday cheer—and paid promotional plugs—before a scheduled “Jiggle Ball” gig later that night. The singer initially tweeted about the appearance only an hour beforehand, casually stating, “I think I’ll stop by the @Starbucks at Westshore and Kennedy with my friends @Ember_tech for a little holiday surprise around 3:30pm.”

Upon his arrival, he chatted with fans before getting his own Ember mug filled up and giving the company the requisite mention. “I've been working with Ember for a while now,” he said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “I'm a big fan of what they do myself. I think you would be too, if you're looking for a holiday gift.” Talk about a pro on every level!

He then grabbed a waiting guitar and played a couple of songs while lattes were audibly being made in the background. Yes, even huge pop stars have to contended with the sounds of baristas doing their job.

After his tunes were complete, the giving wasn’t over: The singer announced he had some free gift cards as a part of Starbucks seasonal customer giveaway, Give Good. He then wrapped things up by saying, “Cheers! Happy holidays, everybody. See you tonight. Maybe.” Maybe? What, you don’t have any free Jingle Ball tickets to give out? Come on, man!

It just goes to show you that you never know who might drop into your local Starbucks. Though let’s be honest, with over 14,000 locations nationwide, the odds of seeing a celebrity at any given time are pretty low. Hell, even if a Jonas brother walks into your Starbucks, you only got a one in three chance that it’s the good one!

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