New Year's Day may be a time for brunch, but it’s pretty likely that before you can dive into that quiche, you need a fistful of Aspirin and something to kill your hangover. While hair of the dog might be fun after a standard night out, put down the bloody mary pitcher and make yourself a New Year’s Baby. Start the drink with Pedialyte to replenish your fluids—feel free to swap in Gatorade or coconut water if that’s all you have. Next up comes sparkling water; it may look similar to all the fizzy drinks you downed last night, but this one will actually settle your queasy stomach, promise. Top off the New Year’s Baby with some lime juice if you have it (or just use lemon-lime seltzer). Chug one or two of these drinks and you’ll be feeling ready to leave the couch… but maybe not for another hour or two.The New Year's Baby 2018

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5 mins
5 mins
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  • Pour electrolyte solution over ice in a tall frosted glass. Stir in mineral water and lime juice. Garnish with a lime wedge.