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EC: New Nick Jonas Music Video Proves 'Bacon' Is More Fun
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If you consider yourself a fellow devotee of breakfast meats, you can definitely appreciate Nick Jonas’s new single “Bacon,” the one thing he loves more than “being with you.” The music video for Nick Jonas’s new song, featuring Ty Dolla $ign, dropped last night, and in watching his three-and-a-half minute romp around a greasy spoon diner, I learned that Jonas makes for a terrible customer who has no qualms with stealing bacon off other people’s plates. But can you really blame him? He loves his bacon, and when Jonas sings about loving late nights, doing what he wants to do, he really means it, because his devotion to bacon over human beings inspires him to do some impolite things in this New Orleans diner that would make any server cringe.

In the video, Jonas rolls up to Ted’s Frostop, and almost as soon as he sits down with his crew for some late-night bacon and pancakes, he starts wreaking havoc, starting by stealing a couple strips of bacon off a couple’s table. He takes the chorus—“throw some bacon it”—quite literally when he tosses the stolen bacon onto another man’s plate. Jonas then jumps the counter, taps the line cook on the shoulder, and, for some reason, this food service employee lets Jonas serve himself two heaping platters of bacon without first washing his hands or throwing on an apron. Before serving the bacon to his posse and a couple of other strangers, Jonas sticks his nose into the steaming plates, which, as MTV points out, must be a health code violation of some kind.

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Hygiene aside, Jonas’s devotion to bacon is obvious, especially given his willingness to bend the rules of decency to get some his hands on some bacon. (And let’s be real: This is far from the first time bacon has inspired petty crime.) If anything, Jonas might be the perfect candidate for Extra Crispy’s bacon critic, and if you ask me, he should send in an application as soon as possible because it takes a special kind of person to hype up a crowded diner about bacon enough to start a dance party.

You can stream Jonas’s new music video on Tidal, and his album, Last Year Was Complicated, comes out on June 10.

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