There’s also a Pop Tart station
union square kelloggs cereal cafe
Credit: Photo by Rebecca Firkser

In an effort to remind cynical New Yorkers of the pure delight that is eating a bowl of cereal, Kellogg’s has opened a new, permanent cereal cafe. Located in Union Square, the cafe will have an espresso bar, a Pop Tart station, and, of course, a full menu of creative cereal bowls. After initial success last year with a small cereal cafe in Times Square, Kellogg’s hopes that the larger Union Square location will be more of a draw to both New Yorkers and tourists. With plenty of comfy seating, a video game setup, and even an Instagram station—all decorated in the familiar vibrant colors you’d find on a Kellogg’s cereal box—it honestly is hard go back into to grey New York streets after a visit.

The space, which was designed by Anthony Rudolf and Sandra Di Capua of Co.create NYC, is bright and warm. Murals and paintings by local artists line the walls—you’ll find images Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, and Pop, and the googly-eyed Frosted Mini Wheat mascot to name a few.

As you make your way to the cafe’s open kitchen, visitors can stop to admire the DIY cereal station—all the Kellogg’s favorites are there, with options for toppings like sliced fruit, mini marshmallows, toasted nuts, and chopped Pop Tarts. Each cereal can be accompanied with a bottle of your preferred milk (and yes, they have soy and almond options).

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Credit: Photo by Rebecca Firkser

Should you be in the mood for something a bit more creative, the cafe has a full menu of curated cereal bowls, like ultra-rich “Bananas Foster” (Special K and Frosted Flakes, rum-roasted bananas, cajeta, candied cashews), child’s fever-dream “Christmas Morning” (Frosted Mini Wheats, cinnamon roll croutons, candied ginger, marshmallows, and pears), and the more refined “Corny Blues” (Corn Pops, lemon-blueberry sam, sea salt).

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There’s also an opportunity for serious cereal fans to have one of their own creations be crowned a “cereal throwdown winner,” and then be featured on the menu. Just throwing it out there, but I think Special K Red Berries, Corn Pops, fresh strawberries, corn nuts, and a drizzle of almond butter would be out of this world.

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If cereal isn’t really your thing (why you’d come to a cereal cafe if that were the case, I don’t know), the cafe also houses a Pop Tart cart, where you can toast your favorite flavor, or, if you’d prefer, make an ice cream sandwich. The cafe will also serve homemade Eggo waffles for a limited edition chicken and waffles dish. If that doesn’t get you running to the Kellogg’s cafe, nothing will.