Your brunch group text is about to get lit
EC: New Emoji Coming in June Include Bacon, Avocado, and Pancakes
Credit: Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

Lucky for the breakfast meat-obsessed, dozens of new emojis are launching next month, and the update will finally include a bacon emoji. Though there are at least ten different trains in the current emoji keyboard, there is a surprising dearth of breakfast emojis, but this new set of foods – which will include a croissant, an avocado, a whole egg, and a stack of pancakes with syrup – fill that void. There will also be a green salad emoji, if that’s more your speed, and a box of takeout food so you can tell the world about your morning-after leftovers.

This isn’t the first time Unicode, the somewhat byzantine organization in charge of choosing which emojis are available for use, made a radical addition to the selection of food emojis. The addition of a taco and a block of cheese to the keyboard last June was a crucial moment in food emoji history, and though I rejoiced with everyone else on the internet when the taco emoji came out, I believe this bacon emoji will be the real game-changer.

Just imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you can tell your friend about the perfectly prepared bacon you made in the oven, or, say, an open position for a bacon critic, with two tiny, sizzling slices of digital bacon. You can tell your friends that you’re craving avocado toast without saying a word, and your group brunch texts on weekends are about to get way more colorful.

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1464884221107-breakfast-emojis
Credit: Emojis courtesy of Unicode

You can see the whole list of new emoji, including the soon-to-be beloved bacon emoji, on the Unicode website.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder