The new Butterfinger is coming out next year
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Reinventions of beloved brands can go very, very wrong. Think about New Coke. Think about when they tried to make ketchup blue. It's a dangerous proposition to mess with a classic, even with the best of intentions. So it's only natural that you might have some trepidation about the new recipe for Butterfinger, that beloved candy bar of Bart Simpson. Last week, Butterfinger's parent company Ferrero announced that they were rolling out a new formula for the candy that involved a different type of peanut, more cocoa, and cutting out certain ingredients used in the original.

Why now? Because Ferrero bought Butterfinger, along with Nestle's U.S. product line, earlier in the year. “We started with the key ingredients—peanuts, cocoa, and milk—behind this bar that people are obsessed with and love, and looked at how we could make it even better,” Ferrara Marketing Senior Director Kristen Mandel told Food & Wine. “The Ferraro philosophy is that quality always wins.” The goal is a smoother mouthfeel and more chocolate-y flavor in the coating.

The wrapper is also getting an upgrade, going from an orange-yellow to a brighter, neon-adjacent yellow. And initial reviews of the new Butterfinger forumla have been positive. Business Insider praised the bar's revamp, noting that it "keeps the iconic texture while slightly dialing back on the sweetness and ratcheting up the peanut flavor for a more complex treat."

So good news for candy bar lovers out there—2019 is going to be a good year.