But you'll have to go to one British grocery store chain to get them

Credit: Image via Waitrose

Avocados have wormed their way into every nook and cranny of our psyche. Nothing and no one is safe from the fatty, green orb. They’ve overtaken bananas as the chief fruit imported by the United States, and now Britons have put their own spin on the stone fruit that’s less of a superfood and more of a sweet treat.

Just in time for Easter (or some guilt-filled lenten binging), British supermarket chain Waitrose has released an “avocado easter egg”. With a dark chocolate outer shell, white chocolate green “flesh”, and a cocoa-covered egg of belgian chocolate serving as the stone. And in case anyone was worried, the product listing says ”chocoholics can rest assured that the egg is made using 100% chocolate, with no avocado flavouring.”

Twitter user @JHolt1107 spotted one in the wild, and they certainly look a bit larger than the average avocado. As it looks like they come as a sort of avocado cross-section, no dangerous peeling is required.

Available in-store or online for a retail price of £8, it’s somehow even more expensive than a real avocado these days. Luckily a pack of three retails for £12, meaning you can dive into one on Good Friday and be thoroughly sick of the taste of chocolate and the sight of avocados by Easter Sunday.