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It’s perfect for tiny kitchens

Grace Elkus
February 07, 2018
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Any coffee drinker understands the importance of a streamlined brewing process. Not only does that mean having an easy-to-use coffeemaker, but also one you can leave out on the counter (so you’re not setting it up every day in the early hours of the morning).

Our new favorite appliance that checks all the boxes? The adorable Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine, Nespresso’s most compact machine yet. At just five pounds and four inches wide, it doesn't take up valuable prep space, and is easy to transport if, say, you're entertaining in the living room (you could even set it up on your desk at work). The machine comes in two shapes (choose between rounded corners or straight edges) and three colors (black, lime, and red for the round; grey, white, and black for the straight) so you can customize it to suit your space and style. And while Nespresso machines are notoriously costly, the mini will only set you back $149—which includes the machine and a tasting set of capsules.

Despite its small size, it brews fantastic espresso. The Espresso function button results in a strong shot—perfect for homemade lattes. The Lungo button filters in more water, resulting in a perfectly balanced Americano. You can also program the machine to add a specific amount of water, ensuring the ratio is exactly how you like it. Just be warned that a standard-sized mug won't fit on the small stand, so you'll need to purchase espresso cups or opt for smaller vessels.

If you prefer drip coffee or a French press for your daily routine, consider a Nespresso for weekends or hosting, its compact size also means it's easy to store. What's not to love?

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