This is locker room talk we can fully support
EC: NBA Player Boris Diaw Started a Locker Room Coffee Club
Credit: Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It's no secret that NBA players like the finer things in life, but Boris Diaw, the 34-year old French power forward who was traded to the Utah Jazz in July, doesn't seem to have much interest in Cristal and Rolexes. No, Diaw loves coffee, specifically espresso, and he's turned the art of coffee into regular locker room talk. Diaw started a coffee club with his new teammates in Salt Lake City, according to a new profile from The Wall Street Journal, in which he's also described as "the league’s preeminent espresso drinker." Diaw "brews espresso for the Jazz, because he believes drinking coffee is a team-building exercise" and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the best cafes in each NBA city.

At this point though, Diaw's love of coffee is a well-known fact, as is his commitment to drinking and brewing only the best espresso possible. Back in January 2016, while Diaw was still playing with the San Antonio Spurs, his love of coffee because legendary when a reporter spotted an espresso machine inside Diaw's locker and tweeted about it—but due to NBA rules, was not allowed to post any pictures. Diaw later confirmed the rumor by posting a picture to his Instagram, of a small Nespresso machine nestled next to his jersey.

His Instagram is flooded with pictures of himself enjoying shots of espresso and the occasional cappuccino. He's even known to travel with his beloved Nespresso coffeemaker, so that he always has his favorite espresso nearby—even if it's at the edge of a canyon.

There is some evidence that drinking coffee before working out improves your performance, so maybe Diaw's espresso obsession will give the Utah Jazz the boost it needs this season.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder