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EC: National Coffee Day Will Get You Free Coffee Pretty Much Anywhere
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Great news for fans of caffeination and being awake! National Coffee Day is Thursday, September 29, and out of all the tenuously “real” holidays invented by marketing companies, this is one that we can get behind. Coffee is great! For most people, it’s the one thing they need to insure that their day isn’t a nightmare. The best thing about this “holiday” is that pretty much anywhere you go, you’ll be able to find a free coffee pretty much everywhere you go. While they aren't giving out free coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts happens to be celebrating not only this “holiday” but their 66th anniversary as well. For this illustrious occasion, they’ll be selling a medium-sized cup of coffee for $0.66, or the equivalent of the change you have kicking around at the bottom of your bag.

Starbucks is taking this National Coffee Day thing in a different direction. This year, for every cup of their Mexico Chiapas coffee sold, the company will donate a coffee tree to a coffee farmer in need, as their own personal way of combatting the scourge of coffee rust—a fungus that affects coffee farms in Latin America. Yeah, you’re not getting anything free, per se, but helping out the people that actually produce the stuff you take for granted every single morning is excellent karma.

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None of the other coffee chains are doing anything quite as do-gooder-y as Starbucks, but the great news is that no matter where you live, you can probably get a free (or very cheap) cup of coffee somewhere.

  • Krispy Kreme: A free glazed doughnut and a free 12 oz. cup of coffee.
  • Dairy Queen: Get a small iced coffee for $1, an Ultimate Frappe for $2 of a Premium Fruit Smoothie for $2 during their “Happy Hour”, 2 to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Cumberland Farms: Text FREECOFFEE to 33733 and get a free hot or iced coffee in any size you desire, for free.
  • Stewart’s Shop: Get a free hot or iced coffee of your size and flavor of choice from noon to close on Thursday.
  • Caribou Coffee: Buy one cup of Amy’s Blend at any Caribou near you and they will donate a cup to caregivers at support hospitals and support centers throughout the country.
  • Peet’s Coffee will serve you a free cup of their signature Major Dickason’s blend.
  • Dutch Bros follows the trend of serving others in need on this holiday by donating $1 of every drink sold to local children’s organizations.
  • Swiss Farms is doubling down and launching their new breakfast sandwich menu on National Coffee Day as well away free coffee of any size or flavor.
  • WaWa will serve free coffee of any size all day but with an added twist: each customer can come in multiple times and get as much coffee as they want.

If we somehow didn’t include your favorite, here’s a more comprehensive list of National Coffee Day deals. Good luck!