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Nap York in NYC sells luxury naps starting at $10 for 30 minutes

Mike Pomranz
March 26, 2018

Most American cafes are dedicated to hustle and bustle. People settle into a table to do some work on the go, grab a quick bite to stay alive, and buy a big cup of coffee to feel alive. Meanwhile, if you want to unwind, you go find a quiet park bench, kick back in a wine bar, or just go home to your bed. But a new joint in New York City is bringing a bit of relaxation to the cafe experience, and it even has an entire floor of nap pods if you literally want to catch up on your sleep.

Nap York says it’s “recharging the people who power the world.” This four-floor “oasis” in Midtown Manhattan is dedicated to keeping things peaceful and quiet. On the first floor, that means “a peaceful cafe serving healthy beverages and bites.” Guests don’t have to worry about the stress of dealing with people: Orders are places on an iPad and “delivered via a 30-foot moving belt, along a live green wall.” As for your drink of choice, this cafe is more geared toward juices and smoothies than double shots of expresso.

But if you’re the kind of person who can’t get relaxed unless you’re lying flat, Nap York’s second floor is what you’re after: It has seven nap pods that run $10 for a 30-minute stay (and have a strict one person per room limit, by the way). “That relaxing place you have been day dreaming about at work is finally a reality,” Nap York boasts. No more sleeping under your desk. “Relax under a canopy of gently twinkling stars and take a much needed break in a private Nap York Pod. It is up to you how you choose to unwind—nap, relax, meditate, or just lounge.”

If pod sleeping isn’t quite your thing, Nap York other relaxation options. The third floor contains more of a communal chill-out lounge for those “tired of trying to find a seat in crowded and noisy coffee shops in between meetings.” You’ll also find a yoga studio on this floor. Then finally, for those whose favorite way to relax is to stay busy, the top floor is a quiet workspace with individual spaces for people who just need a break from the physical outside world.

Beyond catering to sleepy locals, Nap York also has business travelers in mind, offering a paid shuttle service to all of the city’s airports. But Nap York’s Director of Marketing recently told Business Insider that of the thousand or so people who have visited since it opened last month, the majority of nappers have been NYC employees. So that’s why your coworker keeps coming back from his “coffee break” with bedhead.

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