Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner has 20 cups of his namesake drink a day

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: This Brit Loves Tea So Much, It’s His New Middle Name 
Credit: Photos via Amazon and Twitter user chilterngrc

Brits have been well-known for their love of tea since the days of their global empire. It’s ingrained into the culture in a way that few places can match. But despite the country’s prolific consumption of the drink, only one man can rightfully claim that tea truly is his middle name, the Daily Express reports.

Nathan Garner has been drinking Yorkshire Tea since the age of 12, and is known for his 20 cuppa per day habit among his coworkers at the concrete factory. It’s such a defining characteristic that his co-workers couldn’t help but take the pis. “I was at work one day and my mate Billy said, ‘chuffin’ hell, you drink so much of that stuff you should change your name to Yorkshire Tea’,” Garner said.

So he did what any sensible chap would do: “At lunch I got out my phone and went onto the website and got rid of Derek.” Soon enough his name was officially changed from Nathan Derek Garner to Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner by deed poll. Thankfully, his mom (a PG Tips drinker, apparently) was OK with the move: “Friends and family mainly think it’s a bit of a silly thing to do but my mum Cheryl thinks it’s great. She laughed out loud when I told her.”

Naturally, Yorkshire Tea is thrilled to have a fan whose level of devotion is now a matter of government record. Yorkshire senior brand manager Laura Burton says “We were beyond flattered by his overwhelming love for a proper brew. We can’t wait to welcome him up to our Harrogate HQ for a tea tasting and to meet the team.” Nathan didn’t say if this was all just a sly stunt to get a bunch of free bags, but you can bet he’s got some coming his way. It’s only a matter of time before John Guinness Pints Doe shows up on UK voter rolls.