The record-setting beans will be unveiled September 30

EC: Now You Can Buy the World's Most Caffeinated Coffee
Credit: Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images

If there’s one thing that defines Dubai, it’s the grandeur and opulence that flows from its oil wealth. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the UAE’s largest city will be home to a different kind of black gold when one local shop sells the world’s most expensive cup of coffee later this month.

As part of “The 601 Experience,” Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters will give connoisseurs the chance to sip on coffee brewed from Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Cañas Verdes lot Montana Geisha Natural beans. Made from hand-picked coffee cherries harvested from the slopes of Volcán Barú (Panama’s tallest mountain), the beans set a record high score at the Best of Panama coffee competition (94.115 points) and later sold for a record $1324/kilo at auction.

For 250 dirham (~$68), attendees can savor a cup of coffee at the event and bring home 15 grams of the rare, natural-processed beans. 550 dirham (~$149), gets you 15 grams of beans roasted on-site, plus another 50 grams to take home. Not bad given that only 45.5 kilograms of this precious Panamanian commodity exists around the world.

The “601 Experience” hasn’t been exclusive to Dubai, however. A similar event was held in Sydney last month, so it seems there’s a concerted effort about among coffee roasters to spread the gospel of these legendary beans. For his part, Seven Fortunes founder Karim Hassan is just happy to be an ambassador for world-class coffee. “The UAE market is hungry for coffee and I’m proud to be the one to bring this record-breaking experience to Dubai,” he told UAE paper The National.

If you feel like flying to the Emirates to sample a damn fine cup of coffee, you can buy your way into the September 30th event here.