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This Mother's Day, opt for brunch out instead

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

Many of us have happy, warm memories of bringing our moms or mother figures breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. Whether it was stacks of pancakes we tried to shape like hearts or just a bowl of plain old Cheerios and a glass of OJ, marching into a bedroom with a tray of love in food form was always a lot of fun… at least for kids. As it turns out, the vast majority of moms aren’t into this particular Mother’s Day tradition, and would prefer not to have the most important meal of the day in their jammies, still tucked in to bed.

According to a new survey from Zagat, a mere 4 percent of moms want breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day (coming up this Sunday, by the way). What mom actually want, well at least most of them, is to go out with the family to celebrate. The survey reveals that 53 percent of moms would prefer to head to a restaurant, and 39 percent say brunch is the meal they prefer to feast on. But there are some caveats.

A lot of moms want to avoid ruckus as much as possible: live music was a no-no for 31 percent of moms, and a quarter said communal tables are out. What moms do want, however, is to enjoy classic brunch food with their kids. Specifically, our mothers want eggs. Lots of eggs. Zagat says 43 percent of moms want eggs Benedict (always a good call), and 35 percent want omelets. Avocados made the top of the list too, with 19 percent of moms reporting they want avocado toast for Mother’s Day. 

There’s no need to go overboard and make reservations somewhere with bottomless boozy drinks, since 65 percent of mothers said they only want one or two drinks with brunch. When they do order a drink though, they’re sticking to the classics. 23 percent want mimosas, and 22 percent say Bloody Marys will hit the spot. Both good calls, moms.

So when making plans for this Sunday, skip the plan to serve brunch in bed, and call up your mom’s favorite brunch place to make reservations. Hey, no dishes!

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