We head to Tribeca for the latest episode of Breakfast Beats
EC: Mitski Loves Tea More Than You Do
Credit: Photo and Video by Alex Tepper, illustrations by lauren kolm

Indie rock star Mitski Miyawaki, or Mitski, as she’s known to fans, is a breakfast cultural butterfly. After moving around the globe for most of her childhood, from Turkey to Japan to the Democratic Republic of Congo, she knows there’s no wrong way to do breakfast. There are only the right breakfasts for your current mood. And her vibe this morning? Maman in Tribeca. “This is the place I would ask to come if someone said they were treating me for brunch,” she says.

After a life of never settling in one place too long, Mitski’s post-college goal was to find stability. Ironically, her career has her globetrotting relentlessly once again, this time without a permanent address. Among the most difficult aspects of the touring lifestyle, she says, is the inability to find good tea. “It’s always so sad when first thing in the morning I just want a cup of tea,” she laments. "I go to a diner and the water’s lukewarm, and it’s not even steeped, and I just have lukewarm hot water with a tea bag.”

Watch Mitski explain how Starbucks fails at tea, why Turkish breakfast rocks, and what she’d feed Lassie at the dinner table.