Topping your drink with meringue cookies beats a rainbow bagel any day
EC: Meringue Coffee Is the New Most Instagram-able Beverage
Credit: Photo by Flickr user sunsetsailor

You’ve heard of coffee meringue, no doubt, but what about meringue coffee? Takeout Drawing, a café in Seoul, South Korea, that doubles as an art gallery, has taken the art of decadent coffee consumption to its logical extreme with a drink plainly called Paul’s Meringue Factory. And the drink does indeed resemble a structure of sorts, albeit a Seussian one that would most likely never exist large-scale. The beverage includes espresso and milk with wisps of meringue piled high atop it looking like some mutant marshmallow artichoke or perhaps a sad, sagging albino pineapple—many weird metaphors come to mind when describing the one-of-a-kind beverage.

It only makes sense that this kind of drink, which has created culinary rubbernecking on Instagram, would come out of Seoul’s lively coffee scene, which is percolating with innovation and contains more than 17,000 coffee shops.

According to Mashable, Takeout Drawing specializes in a number of odd and cumbersome drinks, such as the Iceberg Macchiato, which is as it sounds—a frozen cone of milk doused with espresso in a cocktail glass. Not a great fall or winter drink, temperature-wise, but Paul’s Meringue Factory certainly passes the test. Whether the drink is practical—and portable—is another story. No lid could take on such a gargantuan topping, though the meringue can also be held in hand and eaten as a snack should you wish to get quickly to the liquid below. Alternatively, a particularly whimsical drinker might think to wear the meringue as a kind of crown. In Seoul, it seems, anything goes.