Top of the Muffin to You!

By Margaret Eby
Updated June 27, 2018
Credit: Chlo_ Benko-Prieur / EyeEm/Getty Images

Because all satire must eventually turn into reality, McDonald's is now planning a breakfast treat ripped directly from an episode of Seinfeld: selling just the tops of muffins. The move comes in response to the fast food chain's declining sales and market share. Despite introducing all-day breakfast three years ago, McDonald's has steadily lost purchase on the meal. "We took our eye off the ball on breakfast," Chief Financial Kevin Ozan said at an investor conference, according to Bloomberg. "With everything else going on, we just lost a little focus on that breafkast day part."

The solution, apparently, is an idea that Elaine Benes had on the '90s sitcom. McDonald's is introducing more breakfast offerings, including test driving blueberry muffin tops in the Baltimore area. The chain is also experimenting with breakfast catering (right now it's just in Florida) and selling discounted cold brew coffees.

Will the muffin top model work in the '90s nostalgia obsessed cultural arena? It's unclear. Equally unclear is what the company will do with all those muffin stumps. Who wants a muffin denuded of the best part?