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EC: McConnell's 'Tea Set' Ice Cream Is the Perfect Excuse to Eat Dessert for Breakfast
Credit: Photo courtesy of Krupa Consulting

You know those mornings when not even breakfast is enough to inspire you to get up and face the day? Mornings that are especially dark, ones when you know that breakfast will consist of yet another mug of nearly stale cereal at the office? (It’s a breakfast of convenience, sure, but one that we wish upon no one.) Those mornings, ice cream can start to feel like the only antidote, and when that ice cream is tea-flavored, like McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams' Tea Set collection, eating ice cream for breakfast will hardly feel unnatural.

Santa Barbara-based McConnell’s launched their Tea Set collection today with two flavors that take the soothing taste of Earl Grey and chamomile teas and put them in delicious dairy fat form. (It’s the best form!) And unlike many other varieties of tea-flavored ice creams, they mix in accompaniments for what amounts to an almost complete afternoon tea in a pint—or bowl, if you can take the extra step. After all, what is tea without biscuits?

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McConnell’s Chamomile Tea & Oatmeal Cookies pairs the floral flavor of chamomile tea with house-made oatmeal cookies, while their Earl Grey Tea & Butter Biscuits combines buttery biscuits with a black tea and bergamot oil-infused base. As with all their flavors, McConnell’s Tea Set ice creams contain only Central Coast, grass-fed milk and cream. Both limited edition flavors are available in McConnell’s California scoop shops and in hand-packed pints on McConnell’s online store.

After tea-lovers were subjected to a truly questionable use of tea flavoring, and really the word “tea,” in the form of No More Tea Bags’ aerosol cans earlier this month, news of McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams' Tea Set is as refreshing as, well, a scoop of Earl Grey Tea & Butter Biscuits ice cream on a dreary weekday morning.