Sure, mayo pancakes sound gross, but listen up

Japan has given us plenty of crazy food news lately, from alcoholic Smirnoff coffee soda to Nicolas Cage snacks to pancake pudding. The latest pancake news from Japanese Twitter, however, is a whole new kind of weird: The secret ingredient for perfect pancakes is mayonnaise. That’s right, mayo pancakes. Originally reported by Sora News 24, Japanese Twitter user @majyokkorei tweeted a recipe for pancakes that includes mayo, and it's been retweeted over 100,000 times.

The Twitter user said that for fluffier and thicker pancakes, you mix one egg, two thirds a cup of carbonated water, and two tablespoons of mayo together in a pot. Then, you add half a cup of pancake mix, stir lightly, and put the mixture on a low flame. Cook for five minutes, flip it over to cook for another five minutes, and voila—one big pancake, which you could technically use as a cake if you wanted, or just slice up and serve with your preferred pancake toppings.

Some other pointers provided by @majyokkorei and translated by Sora News: If you're using the full cook-in-a-pot method, you need to grease it up first; also, you can cook it in the pot until it's "almost ready," then you can put it in another frying pan and heat up both sides to "brown them a bit."

But why mayo? As Sora News highlights, the replies reveal the secret: Mayo triggers the gluten in the mixture to make it expand more than milk would, while the carbonated water adds more crispiness on the outside.

The tweet received hundreds of replies, ranging from shock to approval. According to Sora News, one user responded in Japanese saying that they tried the recipe at home and it turned out "delicious." Others said that the mayo really added fluffiness and depth to their pancakes.

Welp, time to go to the grocery store for mayo and maple syrup.