This is not a good bake
EC: Mary Berry Leaves 'Great British Bake Off'; Twitter Has a Full Meltdown 
Credit: Photo by Anthony Harvey Via Getty Images

So, bakers, it’s happened. No technically perfect Victoria Sandwich will make this better. You can all toss your Baked Alaskas in the trash now; we won’t blame you. Mary Berry has decided to leave The Great British Bake Off. Earlier this month, it was announced that The Great British Bake Off, known to its American audience as The Great British Baking Show, would be moving to Channel 4 from the BBC, its home since 2010. The change, which may add commercial breaks to a show known for its warm atmosphere and calming consistency, is not sitting well with the onscreen talent, or viewers.

Last week, co-hosts and comedy duo Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins announced that they were “not going with the dough,” depriving us all of their puns and various pronunciations of the word “bake.” And now the worst has happened: Beloved judge Mary Berry, a woman whose presence is the very personification of British baking tradition, whose twinkling eyes and glamorous jackets were reason enough to tune in, has announced her departure, citing loyalty to the BBC.

Paul Hollywood will be staying on. No one is pleased.

Without Berry, who will question the bakers’ use of ingredients as exotic as Matcha? Who will gently point out the excellent flavor of a devastatingly under-proved bake? And most importantly, where will Hollywood turn when a he comes across a cake soaked in brandy or gin? “Mary would have enjoyed this,” he will think, as his grin morphs into a wistful frown. “Mary liked to drink.”

Berry, for her part, “is sad for the audience who may not be ready for change,” but hopes they understand. She finishes her statement: “Farewell to soggy bottoms.”

Farewell, Mary Berry. And Farewell to soggy bottoms, indeed.