Dinner was $100,000 a plate

EC: Mar-a-Lago Serves Caviar with Plastic Spoons, Rich People Scandalized
Credit: Photo by Alex Wong via Getty Images

If you’re visiting Mar-a-Lago, it’s probably because you want to bask in the gold, gaudy aura that defines all of Donald Trump’s properties. That, or you want to bend the president’s ear when he pops down for one of his many golf outings. But as a mounting body of evidence at the “Winter White House” and other Trump-branded dining establishments suggests, you probably shouldn’t go there for the food.

The latest such affront to dining dignity not only speaks to the shoddy reality beneath Mar-a-Lago’s facade of fanciness, but to the trifling complaints of its guests. Over the weekend, Instagram account @vacayinbae (whose name is listed as Maria Rogers on her profile) posted two photos bemoaning the substandard caviar setup at the resort. It would seem that the injustice of serving caviar with a plastic spoon was simply too much for this tender soul to bear.

Despite the Lucille Bluthian levels of consternation over this flatware fiasco, the use of plastic for this sort of situation isn’t entirely verboten. What’s Cooking America deems “a mother of pearl caviar spoon or a bone, gold plated, or plastic spoon” as acceptable for serving caviar. But if that wasn’t traumatic enough, it would seem that the #caviaraccompaniments were also #disgraceful. The horror!

Needless to say, Instagrammers were overwhelmingly unsympathetic to the caviar complaints of this vacationing bae. The end result is an incredibly rare example of getting “ratioed” (i.e. having a bad take that generates more comments than likes) for posting a picture of food on Instagram.

To be fair, the post made it clear that the depressing caviar station wasn’t part of the dinner celebrating the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration also taking place at the resort over the weekend. Entry to that event started at $100,000 a couple and ranged up to $250,000 to participate in a roundtable with Trump. The president stayed in Washington over the weekend and did not attend the event.

One has to wonder, however, if the event may have led Mar-a-lago to divert resources from its main dining room to cater to its more powerful patrons. But it’s not like people who’d pay Donald Trump a lot of money might have their needs prioritized over those of his less exorbitantly wealthy fans. That would just be ridiculous.