A plan that's crazy enough to work
EC: Man Delivers Resume Hidden Inside Doughnut Box
Credit: Photo by Tetra Images via Getty Images

One of the worst feelings in the world is wondering whether your resume ever got seen for that dream job you've been looking for. Usually there's no way to know for sure, other than emailing, calling, and stalking your would-be boss (none of which I recommend, by the way). But one enterprising young marketing maven came up with a better plan: deliver his resume in a box of doughnuts. Not only is putting your resume in a doughnut box a brilliant idea, it's also a hilarious way to get noticed. But best of all, it has the makings of a crazy-enough-to-work sitcom trope.

Lukas Yla, the doughnut delivery man/jobseeker, hatched the idea to put his resume in a doughnut box while job-hunting in San Francisco's marketing industry. To pull off this caper, Yla dressed as a Postmates delivery guy in order to walk past security guards and receptionists. Once he got access to his targets, Yla would deliver the goods with one additional item—a resume and cover letter. So if this job-hunting thing doesn't work out, Yla could definitely audition for a role on any future A-Team reboots that might be coming in the future.

As it turns out, Yla's resume doughnut box experiment has paid off. He says he's gone on at least 10 interviews, has had more than 30,000 hits to his digital resume page, and has captured the attention of marketing executives across Twitter. Better still, Postmates co-founder Bastian Lehmann took notice—instead of throwing the book at him for impersonating an employee, Lehmann invited Yla to grab a cup of coffee with him.

Plenty of other marketing execs have reached out to Yla as well—some enticing him to move to Chicago or New York to sit for an interview. So even if dropping off doughnuts wasn't a direct way to land a job, it looks like the stunt certainly caught enough media attention to make this doughnut imposter the belle of the ball in the marketing world. So if you're looking for a way to make your resume stand out, maybe it's time to ditch the keyword-optimized bullet points for something a little sweeter.