But would Luke approve?
EC: Make These Luke's Diner Macarons for Your 'Gilmore Girls' Viewing Party
Credit: Photo by Meghan Rosko

Gilmore Girls fans have had so many reasons to rejoice this fall. As if the Gilmore girls’ long-awaited return on Netflix weren’t enough to celebrate, in the lead up to the November 25th premiere we’ve been graced with Luke’s Diner pop-up coffee shops, the first-ever Gilmore Girls fan festival in Washington Depot, CT, a soon-to-be-announced Gilmore Girls ice cream flavor from Ample Hills, and now, adorable Luke’s-inspired macarons. Cosmopolitan and Instagram baker Meghan Rosko teamed up to create macarons that look like Luke’s Diner mugs filled with coffee, complete with a handle made out of sugar and Luke’s signature logo in yellow and red.

The miniature macaron mugs are fancier than anything you'd find at Luke’s Diner, and Luke himself probably wouldn't approve. Macarons are much too cutesy, not to mention lacking in nutrition, to suit the curmudgeonly diner owner's tastes. But, Rosko's macarons do look like something Lorelei and Rory would happily devour at Weston's, and then never ever consider making at home. (Have you tried to make macarons that look this perfect at home? It's not easy.)

See above for a play-by-play on how Rosko put the macarons together, and if you're a particularly ambitious Gilmore Girls fan, try replicating the recipe for any November 25th viewing parties you may be attending. The macarons will be especially impressive if you can make them taste like the cup of Luke's coffee they so adorably resemble. But, in true Gilmore Girls spirit, there's never any shame in just getting takeout.