It's luxurious, tangy, and pink
Credit: virusowy/Getty Images

Grapefruit, one of the lovely citrus gifts of winter, has so often been associated with austerity and diet culture, probably because of that whole grapefruit diet thing that started way back in the 1930s. But it feels unfair, because grapefruit has so, so much more to give.

A prime example of how grapefruit can be transformed from something confrontational into something luxurious and inviting is grapefruit curd. I am on the record as a longtime fan of citrus curd. It gives such a nice sweet and sour accent to dessert, or to your morning yogurt. (See also: Key lime curd.) Grapefruit is an excellent candidate for curd because it yields a lot of juice, has a nice sour flavor that you can blanace with sugar to your liking, and also comes out a pleasing, gentle pink color. As a millennial, how can I resist the siren call of a gentle pink?

To make it, I use the same basic fruit curd method I use for any other curd, but I've found that grapefruit generally needs a bit more sugar than I would add for a lemon or key lime curd, to counter the bitterness you can sometimes get along with grapefruit's acidity. Once you make it, you can add it to your yogurt, topped with crumbled graham cracker or granola for an opulent breakfast. Or spread it on toast! Or just sit on your couch eating it with a spoon.

I particularly recommend making grapefruit curd pie, because it not only subverts the constant wellness nattering that happens this time of year, it is also extremely delicious. This one, from The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Cookbook, uses Campari and bitters for an extra little kick, and a nice reminder that sunny days of sipping spritzes will be back again eventually.