Up until recently, I hadn't thought of all the alternative uses for ice cube trays. Mine had always languished in my crowded freezer, filled with plain old water in different stages of solidity: alone, underutilized, and extremely boring. But there are so many ways to use an ice cube tray for freezing things beyond water—we've even covered freezing milk and champagne ice cubes. Especially as the weather gets hot and I begin to subsist exclusively on frozen things (popsicles are a perfect dinner) mixing up what you can freeze in ice cube trays is a gamechanger, and makes any drink better. Case in point: ginger-citrus ice cubes. I'll hold while you try and think of literally anything more refreshing than that.The cubes combine grated ginger, lemon juice, manuka honey, and a little water for dropping in literally whatever drink you'd like. The initial recipe calls for a steamy mug of Earl Grey—which would definitely be great when it's not fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk weather—but imagine these in a vodka tonic, or seltzer, or lemonade, or whiskey, or iced tea. Or imagine it all blended up into a slushie. (I'd recommend adding a splash of rum.) This ginger-citrus ice cube is basically the little black dress of fancy ice cubes: You can add it to anything and make the day just a little more special. And lucky for you, it's super easy to make.   Ginger-Citrus Ice CubesThis recipe originally appeared on CookingLight.com.

Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: Photo by Romulo Yanes/Condé Nast via Getty Images


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Instructions Checklist
  • In a small mixing bowl whisk ginger, lemon, honey, and water until combined.

  • Pour mixture into 4 ice cube mold. Freeze for 2-3 hours or overnight. 

  • Serve in literally whatever you'd like.