They happen to be on sale this weekend, too!
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EC: Make Fancy Starbucks Drinks at Home with These Syrups
Credit: Courtesy Starbucks

If you've ever wished that you could have a full-service Starbucks in your kitchen, so you could sip on a Caramel Macchiato without ever needing to put on a pair of pants, you've come to the right online sale. Until March 27, you can get a 25 percent discount on Starbucks coffee and teas when you buy them online. That's great if you need to stock up on coffee beans or black tea bags or even chai tea latte concentrate. But what's particularly noteworthy is the selection of Starbucks syrups, sauces, and sweets that are on sale right now—especially if you're a fan of Starbucks holiday drinks and wish it was Starbucks red cup season year-round. With these syrups and sauces, you can make fancy Starbucks drinks at home exactly as you like to drink them.

If you're a hardcore Starbucks fan, you can invest in a Verismo drink kits. These packages each cost about $35 each, but they give you the ability to make 12 fancy Starbucks drinks in your very own kitchen. That's less than $3 per drink, which is, quite honestly, a bargain.

First up is the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Kit comes with a liter of that peppermint syrup, 63 ounces of Fontana White Chocolate Sauce for all of the drizzling, and 12 Starbucks Espresso Roast Verismo Pods for the company's proprietary one-cup brewing system. It usually costs $46.85, but this weekend you get $11 off the list price.

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Credit: Courtesy Starbucks

There's also the Caramel Macchiato Kit, which also comes with 12 of those Verismo espresso pods. But there's also 63 ounces of Fontana Caramel Sauce and a liter of Starbucks Vanilla Syrup. All you need to do is froth up some milk with some of the syrup, pour a shot of espresso on top, and go HAM with the caramel drizzle.

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Credit: Courtesy Starbucks

If you don't have the Verismo system and don't want to buy one (though, for what it's worth, it's also on sale this weekend for $129 instead of $179), you can also just go for the individual syrups and sauces. You can buy a liter of peppermint syrup for less than $10 to turn any regular, old drink into a holiday delight. Add a pump or two of the peppermint syrup to any hot cocoa mix you have in your pantry, and suddenly, you're sitting around the fireplace eating sugar cookies, even though it's literally spring.

You can also buy what's basically half a gallon of caramel syrup for $18.71. Now let's take a moment to think about all of the things you could do with 63 ounces of caramel syrup at your disposal on your kitchen counter. You could drizzle caramel syrup on your pancakes or waffles instead of maple syrup or just add a pump to a cup of black coffee. Let your imagination run wild, you know?

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Credit: Courtesy Starbucks

So go forth and stock your kitchen like you're a Starbucks barista. After all, the best way to become better at making coffee is to make it all of the time.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder