You might wonder why you should bother making Entenmann’s doughnuts when you can just buy them. Totally valid question. That blue-and-white packaging has a certain nostalgic appeal, as do the sweet treats inside, so, I concede that these aren’t the same as the ones get in the box. They’re even better. These are your favorite doughnuts, but with fewer ingredients, all natural, hardly processed. Boom. The dough recipe, used in both the Rich Frosted and the Crumb-Top varieties, is on the wet and tender side, so don’t be shy about flouring your work surface and the top of the dough, especially during the cutting process.The glaze for this doughnut is similar the original but different–with slightly more chocolate flavor and slightly less wax-like consistency. If you don’t plan to fully enrobe the doughnuts with the glaze, make a half batch. Or, make a whole batch and keep it on hand in the fridge for other purposes, like topping ice cream or eating with a spoon.Entenmann’s-Style Cake DoughnutsRich Frosted DoughnutsCrumb-Top Donuts

Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: Photos by Teresa Sabga

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15 mins
30 mins
45 mins
14 to 16 doughnuts


Ingredient Checklist
For the streusel:
For the glaze:


Instructions Checklist
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with paddle (or by hand), mix the eggs, egg yolk, and sugar on medium-high until consistent and pale yellow. Add the vanilla and mix until incorporated.

  • Make one batch of the basic dough, fry, and let cool.

  • Start by making the crumbs. In a medium-sized bowl, combine the brown sugar, powdered sugar, flour, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla, stirring to combine, making sure to break up any chunks of brown sugar. In three additions, drizzle the melted butter over the sugar-flour mixture, mixing until all the butter has been absorbed and you see little kibble-like balls start to form. If some balls get too big, break them up with your fingers, and continue to stir.