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EC: Make a McDonald’s McGriddle in the Safety of Your Own Home
Credit: Photos and Video by Alex Tepper

Comprised of a maple syrup-infused pancake, sausage, egg, and cheese, the McDonald’s McGriddle is a sweet and savory fast food lover’s dream. The burger empire recently bumped it to their all-day breakfast menu, but if you’re not feeling like venturing out to a McDonald’s but are dying for a McGriddle, we’ve come up with a copycat recipe that won’t take you more than 20 minutes to make at home. Just fry your sausage, whip up some eggs, and have a slice of American cheese ready to go (it’s the best cheese for quick melting). Once you’ve added maple syrup to the pancake batter, this is where it gets a bit tricky, and having a few extra tools on hand will be helpful. To achieve the proper shape of the McGriddle pancake, place a raised, round cookie cutter in your pan and fill it up with about an inch-worth of pancake batter. You’ll know it’s ready to flip when bubbles appear on the top and the cookie cutter can be easily removed. Make two pancakes, then assemble the sandwich: American cheese on the bottom, then the sausage and egg, and top it off with the second pancake. Enjoy! And if you’re still hungry, go ahead and make yourself a Taco Bell Crunchwrap.

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